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The Best SEO Strategy on Roofing Ideas for a Dallas Rustic Home

Rustic homes are very cozy. Because they feel like you’ve just stepped into the great outdoors without actually going outside, people who are fond of nature find themselves inclined to design their home with a rustic theme.

One of the major things you can do to create a rustic look is to change or repair your roof. You can still give it an old, country appearance even if you’ve already installed a roof in advance. Whatever your roof is, these ideas can help turn not just your roof but your whole facade into something straight from the woods.

1. Paint it with earthy colors

You can never go wrong with painting your roof. At the same time, it’s the easiest way to immediately turn your roof into something rustic. When painting your roof, make sure that you clean it first to remove stains and dust. If there’s anything that needs repairing, you can take this time to fix them, too.

Once you got your roof cleaned, you can now start painting it. In picking the paint, first, you have to visualize the kind of rustic feel you want to portray. Different earthy colors depict different kinds of rusticness.

2. Choose a gable roof

A gable roof is one of the most classic kinds of roofs and it works well if you want a rustic feel. This kind of roof has two sides each going on the opposite slope. The highest point of the roof is where the two sides meet in the middle. To finish off, there’s a gutter placed at the bottom of each side.

3. …or a flat roof

You can also choose to have a flat roof instead of a gable roof. A flat roof is perfect for those who want to mix modern and rustic in their homes.

Flat roofs can be designed in many ways. You can have one long and wide flat roof or you can slant the roof to add more shape to the house. If you have different sections of your home, you can have slanted flat roofs to make it more dimensional.

4. Design the walls

It’s not just your roof that will bring in the rustic feel. The best way to complete the old and earthy facade is to have walls that look like wood. When picking the shade of the wood, you can mix light and dark-colored ones to create a contrast or blend. You can also add stones to your walls outside the house as a complement to the wood you will be putting.

5. Attach warm lights to your roof

Last but not the least is to have a warm light attached to the ceiling of your roof by any roofing companies. Having warm light will make your place feel cozier. It also emphasizes the wood in the background or the rocks attached to your walls or poles.

There are many ways to turn your house into a rustic place. Starting from your roof, you can already show how cozy your house will be inside. But don’t stop with your roof. Renovating the walls is also a good complement to your home renovation.

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