Best DSLR suggestions for Beginner Photographers

You might have got a degree in the art of photography but it’s all worthless if you don’t have a perfect companion. We are talking about the DSLRs through which every photography lover see the world.

You might question us by dropping some instance where your smartphone camera has shown its capabilities in clicking the perfect picture. But wait that photos lack an important element called naturality. They are never close to the reality that you experience in a DSLR.

So you need to have a right DSLR with you to preserve the impeccable memories of yours.

Let us deep dive and have a look at the best available DSLR’S out there.


NIKON D3400 can be introduced as best DSLR for amateurs and travelers. Well if you are in the list of people who spend your work off holidays in travelling, then Nikon D3400 is the best DSLR as it offers best features at a decent price range.

The new NIKON D3400 offers superb image quality with its 24 MP camera lens. It is equipped with 3-inch LCD screen offering you various controls to click better pictures.

It has simple controls and helps beginners to gain photography skills. It is priced at $400.



NIKON D7500 is a perfect companion for photography experts who love to capture memories in detail.

It is a powerful beast under the mask as it is capable of delivering 4K resolution videos at 30fps with its 20.9 mp camera which is equipped with a CMOS sensor.

It offers sharp and detail images tuning every pixel.

Apart from photography, it offers various smart features like Bluetooth, NFC and built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to transfer your pictures to storage devices instantly. Well, all these features come with a price tag of $1250.82.



There is a reason for us to add this to our list of best DSLRs. If you are one who wishes to capture your underwater adventures then this is the best choice to invest your bucks.

This amphibious camera comes with a 12 MP/CCD camera module to capture best underwater shots.

You can even capture 4K videos even at 50 feet underwater. It offers good durability and can even sustain a 7-feet drop.

Coming to tech details it offers Wi-Fi transfer and GPS to Geo-tag your pictures. You can buy one for a price tag of $449


Canon EOS Rebel SL2

This latest entrant into the canon’s family and has something unique to offer to the smartphone camera addicts.

The DSLR offers controls similar to a smartphone. It is easy and flexible to use and help you better in the transformation.

At a starting point of $550, this DSLR offers touchscreen display and 24.2-megapixel dual autofocus tech. it can capture full HD video s of 60 fps. It also includes smart features like Wi-fi, Bluetooth and NFC to share your files across various devices.

An additional 100$ to your budget can offer you 18-55 mm STM lens

Final verdict:

If you are looking for decent features at a budget price instead of hiring a Houston wedding photographer then Nikon D3400 is the best choice Nikon D7500 can be an ideal choice for photography experts while Olympus Tough TG-5 can be a better companion in outdoor travels as it is the best rugged and waterproof DSLR.

Finally, THE Canon EOS Rebel SL2 can help you to transfer from smartphone photography to DSLR.

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